Corporate Responsibility


To be a leading and trusted provider of custom designed space management solutions in the region by providing products that are designed with functionality, high quality and affordable prices in mind.


To create value for our customers through reliability, flexibility, integrity, & speed through respect and trust.

To provide unsurpassed customer service to our clients.

To be a trusted and valued resource in the industry for experts and specialists.

To turn dreams into realizations.

To be committed to our global responsibility of environmental care by manufacturing products that meet standard of sustainability.


Artech International is a Turkish, family owned company that has over 40 years’ experience in furniture manufacturing in Uganda and Turkey. The company was established with a great emphasis based on quality service, superior products, value for money and an ever increasing range of product design.

We are determined to maintain and further strengthen our relationship with our clients and our supply partners, by delivering high quality products.


With our roots in Turkey, one of the Founders, Mr. Yilmaz Sonkaynar has had over 40 years of experience in the business starting from Turkey and now in Uganda.

The company was established in Uganda in 2011 where we have seen steady growth. We have manufactured and sold over 1000 kitchen cabinets in Kampala city alone.

Business Structure and Capability

As we are perfectionists in our field we are used to making things fit. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction because we are aware of the impact this has on long term business relationships.

We emphasis on ensuring consistent product quality and continuous growth. These innovations enable us to significally increase in efficiency and remain competitive in today’s ever changing marketplace.

Client Benefits

We have a set of core values that lie at the heart of how we carry on our business to ensure that our clients receive maximum benefit from our products. These are;

Integrity: To put the interests of our clients first and to act ethically, honestly and reliably

Accuracy: To deliver precision in every aspect of our work.

Professionalism: To provide efficient advice based upon extensive professional Knowledge and experience.

Consistency: To ensure a coherent and harmonious service across our contracts and ensure a 100% customer satisfaction score from our clients.

Innovation and reliability: To anticipate the needs of our clients and provide solutions that are, enterprising, timely, pragmatic and economic

Communication: To be accessible to clients and communicate effectively both internally and externally.

Sustainability: To make sure that any activity we engage in has a minimal effect on the environment and, where Possible tailor our solutions such that we can ‘plan out’ excess negative environmental impact.